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06 October 2016

Hello and welcome to another week at the Globe Apartments, we hope you have enjoyed your long weekend


We have just said farewell to both Clay Target Shooters and also competitors in Wagga for the World Field Archery Championships. While the weather was quite wet for both events, at least they could look forward to returning to the Globe Apartments for a very comfortable stay.

Recently we had received feedback that our free WiFi network was sometimes difficult to sign into and the speeds were not very good. As a result of this feedback, we contacted our service provider who then conducted an audit of our network. As such, we have now upgraded all of our hardware and also the software that manages the sign in process, all to the most advanced version available on market nowadays. Guest will now only need to sign in once, and once only! Speeds have also increased and the number of devices being able to be used has been increased.

Your feedback is very important to us and if you see an area that we can improve, please let us know.

Army and Air Force March outs will continue again this week,with our guest mostly travelling from interstate and in particular, Queensland.  We often see very tired guests who have traveled a long way, often flying from Townsville to Brisbane, from Brisbane to Sydney and then onto Wagga Wagga. There is a new option! Jet GoGo has recently commenced direct flights from Brisbane to Albury which is only an easy 50min drive to Wagga. The other news is that Jet GoGo has commenced test flights to Wagga Wagga and are expecting to open the Brisbane to Wagga route in the near future. If you are flying from Queensland to stay with us, it is well worth looking at Jet GoGo as you will not only save time but it is a much cheaper fare than the multiple flights!

The Globe and our Partner Motel is happy to announce our support for Motor Neurone Disease research by offering a gift for a prize raffle. There will be a lunchon on tomorrow 8/10/2016 which will hope to raise up to $10,000! We wish them all the very best in their worthy cause.

Kind regards,

Globe Apartments Staff

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