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Hello and welcome to another Blog from Globe Apartments.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading all about the different cultural institutions on offer to you when you next choose to stay with us in Wagga Wagga. This week we will look at the different shopping centres all within easy walking distance from the Globe Apartments.

The Wagga Wagga Market Place is the premier shopping centre in Wagga, it has a 60 stores from local, national and international companies. Inside you can find the 2 biggest stores being Big W and Woolworths. Here you can grab all the extra things you forgot to bring along with you to make your stay in Wagga all that more enjoyable… a nice platter of cheese and biscuits combined with a nice bottle of red to enjoy in your apartment.  Our personal favourite shop in the Market Place is called Kitchen Antics, it is a haven for want-to-be Master Chefs like myself!

You will find the Market Place on Baylis st, just 5 minutes walk from your apartment.


The second major shopping centre in called the Sturt Mall, named so after the first European explorer of this region Captain Charles Sturt. The Sturt Mall is very similar to the Market Place except its two major stores are K-Mart and Coles. Numerous specialties stores are located here as well. Shop number 6 is our favourite here, Vasha Valley Meats. Here you can pick up some quality local meat to take back and enjoy a BBQ in the Globe Apartments BBQ area.

Apart from the two major shopping centres, Wagga boasts one of the longest main street shopping strips in NSW! Make sure you take a walk down Baylis and Fitzmaurice St for all your shopping needs!

Enjoy your weekend and we will be back with another Blog next week!


Kind regards

Globe Apartment Staff.

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