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Hello and welcome to another Blog from Globe Apartments.

This week would like to give you a better insight into the 2 different types of apartments we have on offer for you to choose from. We have 4 apartments, each one slightly different, today we will give you an insight into both Northside and Southside apartments.

Depending on how many guest you have or even how much time you plan to spend in the apartment will dictate which one is right for you. All of our apartments have either a courtyard or balcony so you can enjoy our fresh country air!

The Southside apartments allow you the benefit of having larger bedrooms which have 1 queen bed and one single bed in each bed room. Because of this the living area is slightly smaller than that of the Northside.

The Northside apartments have 1 queen bed in bedroom one, and 2 single beds in bedroom 2. Because bedroom 2 is slightly smaller, the living area is larger and very comfortable.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your individual needs and we will be able to allocate you the best apartment for you!

The Wagga Food and Wine Festival is just around the corner, we hope you are already booked in and ready to go! This is a highlight on the Wagga events calendar, and one not to be missed!

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