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Wagga Wagga Gold Cup & Anzac Day. Globe Wagga 29/04/2017

Good afternoon and welcome to another Globe Apartments Blog.
This week marks a special time of the year, that of ANZAC day. It was very bleak weather but that did not stop 1,000’s of locals turning up to the Dawn and March here in Wagga Wagga.

Wagga Wagga is very much a military town, with both the Air Force base and the Australian Army Base located in Wagga. As such, Globe apartments sees many military families travelling to Wagga to see their loved ones graduate from their initial training. This weekend is no exceptions with families already arriving to check into their apartment for the graduation tomorrow.

This week we have made minor adjustments to our automatic security gate to ensure its smooth operation. This task also meant that we now have new user friendly remotes for our guests to use when accessing the car park.

The Wagga Gold Cup is next week, and while we are booked out, if your are lucky enough to be staying with us, it should be a fantastic few days!

Have a great weekend,

Kind regards

Globe Apartments Staff

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