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The choice between a fully equipped Apartment or a Motel room?

We are often asked by our guests what does the Apartment offer me that other Motel rooms in or city don’t, why should I choose Globe Apartments?!

This week we will look at what we offer at Globe Apartments that other Motel rooms in Wagga cant.

  1. There is nothing worse than a long flight or road trip than to arrive at your Motel room only to find it small and cramped. Globe Apartments offer you spacious living and that true and un fakable, home away from home feel. Our Apartments also have their own living areas, fully equipped kitchen and laundry, something you wont find in that $85 room you saw online.
  2. Traveling with the Family is a breeze. Travelling with family can sometimes be a difficult. Take the hassle out of these times by booking accommodation that offer something for everyone. At Globe, we offer Foxtel TV, DVD players, CD players, LED TV’s which is more than enough to keep the kids occupied. Outside, each apartment has its own Balcony or terrace and all have access to our fantastic BBQ area.
  3. Cost Effective. Our Apartments offer accommodation and sleeping arrangements that normal Motel rooms can’t offer. By booking one of our apartments, you may save yourself booking two Motel rooms which will give you a saving straight away. Not to mention the ability to cook your own food saving you from buying all your meals whilst away from home. All saving you can use on a nice night out or some extra shopping!
  4. Centrally located. Globe apartments are located right in the Hub of Wagga Wagga. Once you park your car in our secure carpark, you will be afforded the luxury of being able to walk to the CBD to do some shopping or visit our great restaurants. Spend less time and money in Taxis and more time relaxing!
  5. Great for Business or Pleasure. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stay while on a business trip or you’re here with your extended family for a wedding, Globe Apartments has you covered



These are just a few of the reasons that set us apart from the rest!

We hope you have a good week.

Kind regards

Globe Apartments Staff

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