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Comfortable family accommodation in Wagga Wagga NSW

Whether it’s overnight, a weekend or a year, you can settle your family down safe and sound in Wagga Wagga with help from the Globe Apartments.

The city’s premiere holiday and long-term apartment accommodation, these apartments are wonderfully positioned to make life in the city centre a simple pleasure, and furnished with all the pleasures and conveniences of home – plus a few more!

Originally the building housing the Globe Hotel since it was constructed in the 1880s, our site and our suites are rich with classic design and atmosphere, although impressively furbished with the modern amenities of wireless internet, contemporary furniture, and Foxtel cable TV. We want your family to have all the tools and services needed to keep you happy for as long as you choose to stay with us, and at an affordable rate which won’t make you feel like you have to compromise. It’s the best of all possible worlds.

Wagga Wagga’s most unique apartments offer community and privacy

As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, and when yours is enjoying the premiere family accommodation offered by the Globe Apartments they are in position to experience a sense of community special to our building. While each of our 4 apartments is spacious enough and equipped with its own separate balcony or patio area to enjoy in privacy, the shared space still encourages a pleasant and enduring sense of community between our residents.

Because we have an emphasis on comfortable and affordable family accommodation, we often attract several families at once, creating an instant point of communication between you and your new neighbours. Meet our residents as they come and go and watch your child learn more of the world and build social skills along with their experiences.

Contact us for affordable family accommodation in the heart of Wagga Wagga

You can talk to our team today to negotiate your price for long term stays, or check our per-night adjusted rates for holiday deals. Simply call the Globe Apartments management on (02) 69212388 and we can work out how to best serve you and your family in finding Wagga Wagga apartments.

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