19/8/2017 Globe Wagga

Hello and welcome to another Blog from Globe Apartments,

Another week ticked off at another very fast pace, where doe the year go?!

The commercial success of Wagga is again again reiterated yesterday with the opening of another national chain store Grill’d who specialise in gourmet burgers. They are located just around the corner from our central accommodation Globe apartments, just a short 5-minute walk.

We have recently replaced all of our security gate remote controls with new ones, as well as the receiver on the actual gate. We had been receiving feedback that some remotes were working intermitted and as a result we decided to change them all! We hope this is of benefit to all our guests.

Good luck to our guests competing in the NSW State Cycling titles this weekend as well as other guests competing in the NSW Skeet Shooting finals! The weather looks great so all the best.

Kind regards

Globe Apartments


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